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  • n. A snack food in Eastern European Jewish cuisine, combining cracklings of chicken or goose skin with fried onions
  • n. Cracklings from rendered chicken fat


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From Yiddish גריבענעס


  • A friend of mine calls gribenes "chicken crack" - both addictive and dangerous.


  • By using chicken skin for its texture and powerful flavor in all sorts of dishes, chefs are legitimizing what used to be a guilty pleasure, whether they call it gribenes, yakitori kawa or cracklings.

    The Seattle Times

  • Baking S - The same little bits from rendered chicken fat are called "gribenes" in yiddish.

    Pork Rilettes

  • My rabbi friend reminded me about the Jewish bacon of my youth, gribenes, pieces of chicken skin deep fried in schmaltz, onions and salt until crispy brown.

    Jay Weston: The Atkins "Schmaltz" Diet: Memories of Jewish Food!

  • Traditionally you would just use a bit of raw minced onion in the mix, but I like the strong caramelized onion in the schmaltz, it gives you that nice gribenes flavor.

    Latke-Vision: It Sure Beats The Yule Log

  • There's going to be confit, a giant pot of duck soup, gribenes-a salty, crunchy garnish for a salad or other use, and a fancy duck breast dinner dish for 2 people.

    Odd Ducks

  • The latter are the gribenes, which you can lift out with a slotted spoon and put on some paper towels to drain.

    Odd Ducks

  • So Jews fattened the geese, ate their meat, used their fat, made gribenes cracklings out of the skin and enjoyed their livers.

    The Foie Gras Wars

  • The seller takes off the little fatty globs along the breast edges before he weighs the chicken; the fat is deep yellow and makes fabulous gribenes.

    turkey time

  • One of Mr. Hall's signature dishes at the Gorbals, his restaurant in Los Angeles, is a take on a B.L.T.: a gribenes, lettuce and tomato sandwich, served on rye with horseradish mayo.

    NYT > Home Page


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