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  • adj. superlative form of grimy: most grimy.


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  • The Boston Herald said that it "fetishises violence even more than it depicts sex and nudity, which is often"; the LA Times noted that "bodies are stabbed, slashed, sledge-hammered and variously dismembered"; and the Washington Post said, quite approvingly, that it's "just about the grimiest, nastiest, bloodiest thing you could hope to find on TV".

    John Hannah: 'I play a devious, lying, cheating, ambitious mother******. It's great!'

  • He was a government worker but needed extra cash and drove the grimiest turquoise Paykan.

    Let the Swords Encircle Me

  • This is hypocrisy at its purest ... or should I say grimiest.

    Clinton: McCain could do more to stop Wright ads

  • The film was based on the conquests of the 13th century warrior Genghis Kahn, starred the late John Wayne, and had a script that called for the some of the dustiest, grimiest battle scenes ever filmed.


  • Your average city six-pack, on even the grimiest bodega shelf, is as likely to have been brewed and bottled in St. Louis or Milwaukee as in Redmond, Ore., or Portsmouth, N.H. — or Chimay, Belgium, or Cork, Ireland.

    Looking For Mr. Six-Pack

  • What I dreaded was, that in some unlucky hour I, being at my grimiest and commonest, should lift up my eyes and see Estella looking in at one of the wooden windows of the forge.

    Great Expectations

  • Whether it was Grand Puba (who popularized the look in his lead single and video for his 1st solo LP "Reel To Reel"), Leaders Of The New School, Das Efx, Black Sheep, Redman, Black Moon, Ruff House Survivers (who had a single called Check Da Backpack), Mobb Deep or Onyx, heads used to rock backpacks from the corniest to the grimiest.

    Mommy, What's A Backpacker? AKA What The Hell Is A Cannibal Ox?

  • There shouldn't be much blood at all unless we're dealing with one incredibly sloppy vamp, and even the grimiest bloodsuckers I know are usually fairly neat and tidy.


  • She actually saw a mouse and in her mind, only the grimiest, filthiest, nastiest house could possibly contain a mouse.

    wilberteets Diary Entry

  • Half-way down one of the busiest, grimiest, and most depressing streets in the W.C. district stands a squalid public-house, the type of many hundreds and thousands of similar dens in the metropolis.

    A Girl Among the Anarchists


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