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  • v. Present participle of grime.


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  • ‘Bath time’ is Bee standing OUTSIDE the bathtub, while I fill a bowl of warm water and soap her up while trying to distract her from the fact that she is indeed being forced to partake in de-griming.

    Workin' 5-9

  • At the mouth of this work they were received by an overseer, the natural fierceness of whose grim physiognomy was not lessened by a plentiful griming of coal dust.

    Ralph Rashleigh

  • The Home Paddock looked like a field of wheat, rippling with every mischievous puff of wind, and the homestead gardens exploded into color, great buds unfurling, the ghost gums suddenly white and lime-green again after nine years of griming dust.

    The Thorn Birds

  • He had stripped himself in a secluded place near the railway tracks, and he had rolled himself in the coal dust around the track, griming the dirt into his body, so that when it came to the time that Handsome stripped him -- well, it can be imagined how he looked.

    A Woman at Bay Or, a Fiend in Skirts

  • He appeared at the house by the river, he sat with his legs dangling over the drop from the Colonnade into the streets, and he wore out the hours in idleness, the dust of the Bazaar powdering his hair and griming his face, but behind his vacant eyes, his quick brain was alive and burning, and he felt after Leh Shin with invisible hands.

    The Pointing Man A Burmese Mystery

  • The confused indigene, driven by admonition and shame put on the hot and griming stuffs, and finally, had them kept on him by statute.


  • Just as the cakes became heavier, tougher, more ordinary, as the months passed, so the whole enterprise suffered gradually from that coarsening and griming which seems an inevitable result of Chicago use.

    One Woman's Life

  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has discovered that kids may sit the sidelines for fear of griming up their expensive garb, making them less likely to interact or exercise.



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