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  • adj. superlative form of grim: most grim.


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  • The always-reliable Adam Kirsch comes through in Slate: "In a novel full of grim jokes, the grimmest is the possibility that if the planet is to stand a chance of being saved, its fate may lie in the hands of a man like Michael Beard."

    Anis Shivani: Why American Reviewers Disliked Ian McEwan's "Solar": And What That Says About the Cultural Establishment

  • The grimmest was a black-bordered news advertisement published in forty-nine American newspapers the morning the Lusitania sailed:

    Castles of Steel

  • We discussed the challenges organisations face in building any sense of community in some of the grimmest housing estates in the country.

    Mixing metaphors to explain entrepreneurship

  • Even the grimmest novel can reward the reader with insights into human nature or through the sheer beauty of its writing.

    The Unnamed: Summary and book reviews of The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris.

  • Those get the grimmest and could use cleaning but I am uncertain how to proceed.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • It was important to remember that, in even the grimmest of situations, there is kindness as well as cruelty, terror as well as boredom, and even, surprising as it may seem, humor.

    Patricia McCormick discusses Sold

  • This ghost, laughing a little too loudly, would be all the more terrible for the flicker of awful, self-deluding pride kindling in it at the thought of white-knuckling through the grimmest month of the year with nothing to talk about in company but how it has given up drink.

    After the Binge Must Come the Purge

  • Swing Nation This year's campaign—to be conducted against the grimmest economic backdrop for a presidential race in 75 years—is shaping up as unusually costly, grueling and unpredictable.

    Across America, the Middle Looks Up for Grabs—Again

  • The thing was never built, thank God, but as the Lockup cameras sniff out the grimmest intimacies of prison life, and rush toward its flash points, it seems proper to ask ourselves what, in this case, “the purpose” might be.

    Prison Porn

  • At the same time, the actual employment rate for 16 - to 24-year-olds dropped to a startling 46 percent, the grimmest such figure on record since 1948, the year the government began keeping track.

    12 « November « 2009 « Dating Jesus


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