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  • n. A combination of diffraction grating and prism used to obtain spectra from different parts of an image


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  • Swift's Ultraviolet / Optical Telescope includes a device called a grism that can separate wavelengths in ultraviolet light in much the same way as a prism spreads sunlight into colors. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Light would come in from 640 quasars or stars or galaxies, be passed on through 640 optical fibers, sent to a combination of a diffraction grating and a prism—called a grism—which could fan the light out into 640 little spectral rainbows, which would register on the same-sized CCDs as in Jim’s camera.

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  • The G102 grism on WFC3 was designed to extend this capability to search for Ly-alpha emission from the first galaxies.

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  • The G102 grism on WFC3 was designed to extend this capability to search for

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  • WFC3 camera with G141 grism provides the only way to confirm this record high-z cluster and measure its redshift from spectral breaks typical of old stellar populations.

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  • We propose to obtain deep WFC3+G141 grism observations to spectroscopically confirm a remarkable z

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  • We propose a slitless WFC3/G141 IR grism survey of GOODS-N, at 2 orbits/pointing.

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  • A combined follow-up program will provide light curves and grism spectra of 15-20 of the best candidates at redshifts 1

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  • Wavelength calibration of the UVIS G280 grism will be established using observations of the Wolf Rayet star WR14.

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