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  • adj. Likely to induce groans (as of a poor joke).


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groan +‎ -worthy


  • Perhaps the secret behind his long run of success is his irrepressibly optimistic style of delivery, which seems to help him turn even the most groanworthy gag into apparent comedy gold.

    This week's new comedy

  • Brown's response is his snappiest yet, but it's still pretty groanworthy: "It's the Tories who are tied in knots".

    PMQs live blog

  • Lots of film-specific problems, from poor special effects to groanworthy performances, drag the movies down.

    Archive 2009-03-08

  • Never mind how groanworthy those names are; these two bring a jaded, knowing, always unimpressed air to the proceedings in clumsy dialogue like the following:

    Archive 2009-05-24

  • A groanworthy music theory joke, which starts like this:

    BatesLine: September 2005 Archives

  • Hmmm … except in this case it's two sour faced old biddies cracking the whip and making an embarrassing and drone 'n groanworthy attempt at it too. - Comments

  • When unburdened by the groanworthy lines, that is.


  • or any number of groanworthy scenes where our erstwhile heroes meet a famous author and say something like "you know, you should write a play about Julius Caesar"

    The Guardian World News

  • His quips were groanworthy-awesome (he brought cockles back from his pirate adventure, "Sonar's lighting up like Tony Manero's gonna dance on it!"), and he played an excellent foil to Brock's über-macho surrogate parenting (Shore Leave encourages Hank and

    "MAIN" via Steve in Google Reader

  • (There was even a groanworthy introduction by Lonely Planet reporter Frances Linzee Gordon who talked about the innumerable benefits of cell phones including that they can "save lives" and



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