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  • noun Plural form of grognard.


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  • It is both amusing and frustrating to read about gamers who've only ever played Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons calling themselves "grognards" -- amusing because it's good to see that younger gamers might finally understand that preferring an older edition doesn't mean you're "afraid of change" and frustrating because I don't believe invitations to the clubhouse have actually been sent out to these guys yet.


  • "grognards" of Napoleon, who always growled yet followed just the same, youngsters who bit their cartridges with childish lips, veterans of fights in Africa, cuirassieurs of Reichshofen, gardes-mobiles of the

    New York Times, Current History, Vol 1, Issue 1 From the Beginning to March, 1915 With Index

  • I am actually going to post a link to this blog entry elsewhere as a good example of why “us grognards” are upset, despite the initial system nuances and expenses, by the actual ramifications of the cultural pollution and tainting of our hobby.

    Why Complain About 4e? Stop the Edition Wars! « Geek Related

  • An inexperienced writer does not have the contextual knowledge to detect BS emanating from the grognards all that easily*** … so the inexperienced writer should take business advice largely but not exclusively from successful-but-five-years-down-the-road writers, leavened with a bit of wit and wisdom from the Giants in the Field, rather than vice versa.

    Kristine Kathryn Rusch » Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Expectations

  • Oh and most of you are grognards with no imagination.

    D&D 4e’s Out… And It’s Awful. Here’s Why « Geek Related

  • Hasbro, via its Avalon Hill imprint (as grognards everywhere cry quietly to themselves) released their own version of Cosmic Encounter a few years ago, which appears to be out of print.

    Game Bits: Champions Online, Star Wars: The Force Unleased, Knights of the Old Republic, Cosmic Encounter

  • I'm concerned that any hollywood adaptation would miss the point...but if they use this as a basline it could thrill and titilate grognards and casual viewers alike!

    Awesome Green Lantern Fan Made Trailer | /Film

  • You may date her, or berate her, but we grognards can say "We Knew Her When."

    Mr. Forward wrote a poem.

  • Fortunately, Arduin has enough admirers among us grognards that it won't starve for affection nor will it pine away for lack of mine.

    Arduin Musings

  • It'll also require that grognards be willing to accept there are some good fantasy artists who began their careers after 1983 and the kids to see value in esthetic continuity and tradition.

    Old School Minis


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