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  • noun A Roman surveying instrument having plumb lines hanging from four arms at right angles


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  • The groma consisted of crossed arms resting on a bracket attached to a vertical staff.

    Book review: Thunderer by Felix Gilman

  • The groma could be used to survey straight lines, right angles and rectangles.

    Book review: Thunderer by Felix Gilman

  • The ancient Romans did pretty well using just three simple instruments: the groma, the chorobate, and measuring rods.

    Book review: Thunderer by Felix Gilman

  • Scholars have talked, indeed, of a Greek origin or of an Etruscan origin, and the technical term for the Roman surveying instrument, _groma_, has been explained as the Greek word 'gnomon', borrowed through an

    Ancient Town-Planning

  • You learn a little bit about ancient Rome, and about how they did things love that groma - the surveying tool that's like a dangly mobile and allowed the

    The Guardian World News


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