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  • Among the most pivotal of those species is the greater sage grouse, a ground-dwelling game bird that has lost half of its once-vast range and also suffered from the deadly West Nile virus.

    Judge rejects gov't bid to delay sage grouse suit

  • Egyptian cobras, like many ground-dwelling snakes, crave confined spaces, said Susan Barnard , a longtime reptile curator at Atlanta's zoo and the author of the "Reptile Keeper's Handbook."

    Snake Escape Makes Zoo Squirm

  • WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Department of the Interior will expand efforts with state, local and tribal partners to map lands that are vital to the survival of the greater sage-grouse, a ground-dwelling bird that inhabits much of the West, while guiding and managing new conventional and renewable energy projects to reduce impacts on the species, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced today.

    Interior Expands Common-Sense Efforts to Conserve Sage Grouse Habitat in the West

  • While we are renewing last year's faded overall tans, the well-soaked British Columbia landscape will be progressively repainted in photogenic velvet green; emerald variations brushed onto sky-reaching cedars, ground-dwelling ferns and stubborn mosses by the tempests of winter wind and unrelenting rain.

    Nogales, here we come

  • Common small mammals include raccoons, opossums, flying squirrels, rabbits, and numerous species of ground-dwelling rodents.

    Outer Coastal Plain Mixed Forest Province (Bailey)

  • For example, insectivorous ground-dwelling birds that feed in the tundra but nest in trees are able to survive because of the mixture of habitats.

    Arctic boreal forest environments

  • Introduced ground-dwelling browsers include red and fallow deer (Cervus elaphus and Dama dama), chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), hares (Lepus europaeus occidentalis) and goats (Capra hircus).

    Nelson Coast temperate forests

  • There is lots of talk of reintroducing lynxes and wolves, but not so much talk going on about boosting the numbers and diversity of ground-dwelling slugs, rodents or passerines.

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • The candidate will investigate the effect of fragmentation on spatial patterns of selected species and invertebrate communities in urban environments; radio-track hedgehogs; sample and identify flying and ground-dwelling invertebrates such as bees, carabid beetles or snails; analyze their functional assemblage with uni- and multivariate techniques and publish the results in international journals.

    PhD Position in Urban Ecology

  • Australia has experienced nearly 50 percent of the world's mammalian extinctions in the past 200 years, concentrated in medium-sized, ground-dwelling species.

    Jarrah-Karri forest and shrublands


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