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  • n. Any of various plants of the genus Senecio, having rayed, usually yellow flower heads.
  • n. Variant of groundsill.

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  • n. Any of several widely-distributed plants, of the genus Senecio, having yellow, daisylike flowers.
  • n. Alternative spelling of groundsill.

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  • n. An annual composite plant (Senecio vulgaris), one of the most common and widely distributed weeds on the globe.
  • n. See Ground plate (a), under ground

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  • n. The Senecio vulgaris, an annual European weed belonging to the Composit┼ô, adventitious in the northeastern United States.
  • n. See groundsill.

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  • n. Eurasian weed with heads of small yellow flowers


Middle English groundeswille, from Old English grundeswylige, alteration (influenced by grund, ground) of gundeswilge : gund, pus + swelgan, to swallow (from its use in reducing abscesses).
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • BRACHYLOENUS D. C., a kind of groundsel; MORGANIA FLORIBUNDA, loaded with purple blossoms, and a variety of HELICHRYSUM

    Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia

  • As opposed to the theory that there is any absolute need for cross-fertilisation, it has been urged by Mr. Henslow and others that many self-fertilised plants are exceptionally vigorous, such as groundsel, chickweed, sow-thistle, buttercups, and other common weeds; while most plants of world-wide distribution are self-fertilised, and these have proved themselves to be best fitted to survive in the battle of life.

    Darwinism (1889)

  • BRACHYLOENUS D. C., a kind of groundsel; MORGANIA FLORIBUND., loaded with purple blossoms, and a variety of HELICHRYSUM BRACTEATUM, somewhat different in the leaves from the usual state of the species.

    Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia

  • Without IPU we will see weeds such as groundsel and mayweed slipping through the net, and some mopping up in spring may be required.

    FWi - All News

  • One is no longer woken by the cry of the groundsel sellers.

    edouard de pomiane | soups « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • Surveying the herbaceous border, Miss Marple clicked her tongue vexedly and pulled up a flourishing plant of groundsel.

    Twin Moons

  • Two distinct forms of giant groundsel occur on the upper mountain: Senecio johnstonii cottonii, endemic to the mountain and only occurring above 3,600 m, and S. johnstonii johnstonii which occurs between 2,450 m and 4,000 m, and shows two distinct forms.

    Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

  • Tomlinson expressed concern that the frequency of fire on the Shira Plateau was increasing, and that this might pose a threat to the populations of giant groundsel.

    Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

  • Although there are relatively few introduced species present on Fraser Island in comparison to other mainland areas, there are extensive and widespread infestations of groundsel Baccharis halimolia and lantana Lantana camara, while species such as bitou bush Chrysanthemoides monilifera rotundata, sisal hemp Agave sisalana, and Easter cassia Senna pendula glabrata are significant localized problems.

    Fraser Island, Australia

  • Other associated species found at slightly higher elevations are saltmeadow cordgrass, big cordgrass, salt grass, salt wort, high tide bush and groundsel bush.

    Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve


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