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  • n. Plural form of grouplet.


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  • As far as stalking them, it might be fun to put together a group of people, like a golf gallery, and quietly follow grouplets of them around, applauding softly when one lands a beanbag on another.

    I stalk LARPers

  • "America aims to support those grouplets who are able to carry out terrorist operations in Iran," the main news program said.

    Iran attempts to link U.S. to double suicide bombing that killed 28

  • In Europe, the glaring contradictions incubated by the fusion of militant socialism (red) with militant Islamism (green) have resulted in bitter, vengeful breakdowns: witness the implosion of the Respect Party in Britain, or the signal failure of France's various leftist grouplets to build a base among the dyspeptic youth of the sprawling banlieues.

    Ben S. Cohen: "The Second Time as Farce": Lebanon's Al Akhbar newspaper

  • None of this has been tried locally or nationally or internationally on any kind of proper scale or duration to really be enabling Shirky, of all people, to dump citizens 'participation on a mass level in favour of little grouplets that he or Beth Noveck or Jay Rosen will draw on from their friendship cards to run things their way out of their vest pockets.

    Government Needs Smart-sourcing, Not Crowdsourcing

  • It makes for better workers and so-called 'grouplets.'

    Coffee Break: Oct. 22

  • Energies dissipated as self-concerned grouplets among African Americans sought their own orbits - usually circling hungrily in the gravitational pull of corporate America.

    2007: The Year of Black 'Media Leaders' �� Especially ObamaAfrican America - Black Misleadership Class

  • Hyper-conscious as they are of groups and grouplets, Italians seem obsessed by the notion that any aggregation of individuals however statistically insignificant has a God-given right to parliamentary representation.

    A Nation Spent

  • If today all sorts of clubs and clublets, groups and grouplets, and, if you will, 'big parties' lay claim to the word 'folkish,' this in itself is a consequence of the influence of the National Socialist movement.

    Mein Kampf

  • Which organic groups, again, hold smaller organic grouplets: the inarticulate buzzing becomes articulate speaking and acting.

    The French Revolution

  • How much these events are a sincere response to the sufferings of others and how much they are about well seasoned grouplets posturing, ambulance chasing and self promoting remains an open question?

    Indymedia Ireland


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