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  • adv. With grovelling or self-abasement; obsequiously.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

grovelling +‎ -ly


  • I was mortified and grovellingly apologetic for fear of an online bloodbath.

    Booker-thon 2006 The Emperor's Children by Claire Messud

  • Hussein and grovellingly mewed on about how even now little boys are named for you.. and we do not stop until “Jerusalem”.

    Channel 4: How to Privatise a Channel in One Easy Lesson

  • She was the first to hear the children outside the bothy in the snow but refused to let them in until they grovellingly apologised to each member of staff.

    Risk Assessment in the 70s.

  • Also: no one who knows anything at all about Belle would ever pair her name with the word “grovellingly.”

    Marriage Equality, Marital Rape and No-Fault Divorce

  • This was the sum, then, for which he had grovellingly compounded -- under an agreement sealed by a supreme exchange of remarks.

    The Finer Grain

  • Temple '-- nor grovellingly and superstitiously elevate them to a place of importance and of power in the Christian life which Christ never meant them to fill.

    Expositions of Holy Scripture St. John Chapters I to XIV

  • A Nigerian woman wins the visa lottery and meets a guy in Connecticut who turns out to be Dave Bell in reverse: an upper-class American who is grovellingly obsessed with all things third world, and who has a "list of countries where he went to gawk at the lives of poor people who could never gawk back at his life" ( "The Thing Around Your Neck").


  • So what does this tell us of John McCain’s appreciation - or respect - for the popular will (especially of his party) that he so grovellingly slurped up the endorsement of Florida’s Senator Mel Martinez last week? Blog Articles » Print » Goodnight, my someone

  • Bliar always gets taken apart at the dispatch box, the clown is like a broken record, every week its the same old type of handpicked Labour regime backbenchers grovellingly asking the same old Bliar/Alastair Campbell handpicked questions ie "Will the Prime Minister join with me ... etc etc", and its the same old buzzwords, gimmicks and catchy headline slogans from Bliar every single week .... "

    Cameron Wipes the Floor With Blair


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