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  • n. Plural form of grunting.


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  • Over his neck and shirt — I heard their gruntings and strainings

    thomas mcgrath | letters to an imaginary friend « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • Increasingly these days we are exposed to the other kind of fighting, however, and it seems less like a fight for political purpose than the preliminary gruntings of guys who are about to ask each other to step outside.

    Bam. Crash. Kersplat.

  • Ancient, guttural gruntings and groanings pierce the air.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • I yell as calmly as I can above the bellicose gruntings of an 800hp Rolls-Royce engine which happily runs on anything from plane fuel to chip fat.

    Introducing Paintball Tanks | Impact Lab

  • At times, angry cries smote the air, and they would be answered by multitudinous gruntings.

    The House on the Borderland

  • Freeway rest areas are anonymous enough, I suppose, but it surely seems like someone would report disturbing couplings, gruntings, etc. to the appropriate personnel quickly in a major airport.

    Restrooms Not For "Rest" Anymore

  • I don't wish vomiting upon the buzzards themselves, but I do understand that it is a natural and innate response to the gruntings and other utterances that issue-forth from Sanctorum's facial anus.

    Anne Rants Till She Pants

  • I'm also an ex-Labour voter I'll never in a million years vote for the BNP - or do I mean John Reid after his anti-immigrant gruntings? and was being pulled toward the Conservatives by David Cameron.

    Cameron was Right to Sack Patrick Mercer

  • I began to laugh, Larry joined me, and then Kra and Gulk joined in our merriment with deep batrachian cachinnations and gruntings.

    The Moon Pool

  • There were glowing faerie-folk who zipped to and fro on wings of membranous luminescence, heavyset hunched-over throgs and ogres who pulsed with the intensity of their respective gruntings.

    Kingdoms of Light


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