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  • adj. Making grunting sounds.
  • adj. Resembling grunt work; repetitive, mindless, unrewarding.


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grunt +‎ -y


  • J-RPG players have no doubt got used to the idea of riding giant birds around, and even the grunty is a more familiar sight than it once was, but where these mounts have become almost commonplace, one will always be somewhat bizarre - the whelk from Breath of Fire IV.

    Comments for Azure Flame

  • Not that they don't like delicate styles on occasion, or that women don't enjoy rich reds, but, now I think about it, it's only ever male winemakers who say 'grunty', and the biggest, whopper Aussie wines do seem to be especially adored by men. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • All of which suggests that his shift from grunty man-rock into kaleidoscopic experimentation is, rather cheeringly, ongoing.

    The arts in 2012: pop

  • This mill's demeanor—grunty, free-revving, with a tensed, ready nature—is virtually indistinguishable from that of a larger, naturally aspirated six.

    In BMW's Repackaged Z4, Less Is More

  • If you're looking for a personal robot that's a little less grunty, you've got plenty of options.

    Rise Of The Personal Robot

  • The dumb, grunty, and violence-prone get sorted out by natural selection.

    Why Most Economists Are Hawks and Why They Might Be Wrong, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Going far too fast, it appeared in his vision on the heels of its grunty sound, a twelve-cylinder XKE Jaguar painted British racing green, Phil Smith behind its wheel, Fred Collins beside him.


  • These guys go out and gather resources which you can then, of course, use to build structures and different grunty types.

    January 2004

  • There is no other explanation for the cacophony of raucous thumps, bangs, and grunty noises which are constantly being emitted from that area to my right, your left.

    bluemeany Diary Entry

  • So I only watched them lie by their mother in their neat, pink row; and I watched them take their grunty little steps around the sty.

    True to Form


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