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  • Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de 1547-1616. Spanish writer who is best known for his classic satirical novel Don Quixote (1605-1615).


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  • Here are some apps that comply to the xdg spec (listed from my. config dir): autostart enchant midori takenote brasero gtg monitors. xml totem comix gtk-2. 0 parcellite transmission compiz menus specto

    Planet GNOME

  • To change the colours in a particular theme, edit its/gtk-2. 0/. rc file.

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  • I finded out that changing bg [SELECTED] in gtk-2. 0/. gtkwidget.gtkrc to "#323232" I can highlight the icons when I press ALT+TAB in XFCE. Content

  • / Human-Reprise / gtk-2. 0 / gtkrc: 81: error: unexpected identifier ` glow_shade ', expected character Content

  • Then open gtk-2. 0, and then finally gtkrc as root.

    LXer Linux News

  • Is the folder "gtk-2. 0" the right one? reply to this Content

  • You can load panel-bg. png located in Wave/gtk-2. 0/Panel, and you will have same color menu bar and the panel. reply to this Content

  • I'm not sure what's the best way to change this, but my solution has been to delete/gimp the panel background or panel button images in ~/gtk-2. 0/Panel; this can be problematic, but it works for me. Content

  • Basic font: Lucida Grande 9 gnome-panel setting size: 22 background:/leopardish/gtk-2. 0/panel-bg. png Content

  • I've included a README in the gtk-2. 0 folder of the theme with solutions for openoffice. org, firefox and midori.

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