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  • noun biochemistry any salt or ester of guanylic acid; the salts are used as flavour enhancers


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  • It is the lingering, pleasant taste one experiences when eating savory foods that contain the amino acid glutamate in its free form or inosinate or guanylate.

    Rolling Sushi With Nobu

  • The nucleotides inosinate (eg in bonito flakes) and guanylate (eg in shiitake mushrooms) also evoke umami, and a notable feature is the synergistic effect between multiple umami sources.

    The Japanese brain - and umami

  • IX, activated heme-deficient guanylate cyclase by kinetic mechanisms that were indistinguishable from the mechanism by which nitric oxide activates heme-containing guanylate cyclase.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • Subsequent experiments revealed that the presence of enzyme-bound heme was an absolute requirement for guanylate cyclase activation by nitric oxide.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • After an incredibly long and tedious series of experiments, each often lasting for 96 consecutive hours, we found the heme in purified guanylate cyclase.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • DeRubertis, showing that activation of guanylate cyclase by nitric oxide might require the presence of heme.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • EDRF and nitric oxide were both chemically unstable and both activated guanylate cyclase and elevated tissue levels of cyclic GMP.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • A long and tedious series of experiments in my laboratory led to the discovery that thiols were required for the activation of guanylate cyclase by nitroglycerin and related nitrovasodilators.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • I recall reading an interesting paper by Ferid Murad's group in 1977, in which nitric oxide and various nitro compounds were shown to activate the cytosolic form of guanylate cyclase and to elevate cyclic GMP levels in various tissues.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • This vasorelaxant effect of nitric oxide was blocked by addition of hemoglobin, which promotes oxidation of nitric oxide, and methylene blue, which had been known to inhibit guanylate cyclase.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography


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