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  • n. Alternative form of guard band.


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  • The term "guardband" has different meanings in telecom and magnetic-media recording, but in microprocessor design, it refers to a timing differential between, say, data and clock signals.

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  • Basically, the more samples I have of an independent and identically distributed random variable, the more confidence I have that the observed mean approaches the expected mean, plus or minus some guardband.

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  • If I move to a more complex variable, such as a six-sided die, how many rolls of the die do I need to have confidence that the observed mean is within some guardband of the expected mean of 3.5?

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  • If I make it two or more die, how many additional rolls are required to converge on the expected mean, again within a specific guardband?

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  • Since signal rates can vary, an extra slice of time - the guardband - is inserted into the design to allow for signals to communicate without being perfectly aligned.

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  • To mitigate guardband inefficiency, Bowman and his team developed a chip that contains

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  • The problem with the guardband method is that it wastes energy and time - and, in processor design, wasted time equals reduced throughput.

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  • Most try to leverage these sorts of business cases: Telephony - either cheaper/targeted offerings, for students or minorities, roamers, business customers, or femto-cell picocell propositions (sometimes using GSM guardband frequencies, freely available/unlicensed) or carrier pre-selection/existing long-distance or international connectivity, VOIP, etc.

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