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  • n. Eye-dialect spelling of government


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  • McConnell says that we need to get the leak stopped, so we will jump in the water and summon the Turtle People from Atlantis to clog the hole, while Obama expands the gub'mint, dang it.

    TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

  • I have come the conclusion that all our gub'mint has done so far vis a vis the financial crisis is to make matters worse.

    Put up or Shut up!

  • To the Port, for acting contrary to most gub'mint agencies and telling folks who threaten to sue eff you, but instead folded, bah-humbug.

    Sound Politics: "Christmas trees are going back up at Sea-Tac airport."

  • He is a very intense person, and like I, expects the gub'mint to do what it is supposed to.

    Sound Politics: Mail Ballot Horror Show(XXII): Misprinted ballots

  • If we are concerned about the social ramifications of a crime, then increase the penalties to discourage them, rather than having the gub'mint single out a defendant for a harsher penalty based on their thoughts.

    Bill o' the Day: Fall of the Noose

  • To be convicted of a HC incident, the gub'mint has the burden of proving, in court, that you were motivated to commit the illegal act against the victim due to a characteristic of the victim listed in the HC statute.

    Bill o' the Day: Fall of the Noose

  • This is done at trial, and can only be accomplished by the gub'mint proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was MOTIVATED to commit the illegal act "BECAUSE OF" a protected characteristic that the victim possesses.

    Bill o' the Day: Fall of the Noose

  • But I have no sense of whether our special gub'mint tour included extras or deprived wheelchair-using folks of something special I'd have liked to see.

    The Sparrow

  • Poverty, exhaustion, jackass doctors, assistance from the unlikeliest of sources, getting crapped on by public transit, random adventures, and of course, letters from the gub'mint.

    Getting angsty about blogging, plus a new use for peas

  • That the students themselves are only real beneficiary of those educations continues to allude the sort that occupy lecture halls for free gub'mint stuff of course, and to be sure the "societal benefit" can't be much better in a part of the world that doesn't really invest in R

    ¡No Pasarán!


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