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  • Clichéd with a capital “Clee,” because guess who showed up?

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  • I am going blind from a brain tumor that they tried to remove but couldn't get it all, I had a total knee replacement that is back to 75% and will go no further, I have 6 bulging discs in my neck that restricts me to 10lbs. of maximum liftng, I'm 40% deaf, I have a tumor on my adrenal gland, and I have heart disease that is inoperable ... guess who can't disability? RSS - home

  • Well, guess who controls all the highly-paid casual Saturday night-shifts at the Sunday Sentinel?

    Conferences are Murder

  • He perked up now, studying Myron's face, trying to guess who the big movie star was.

    Drop Shot

  • "As for me, Madam," said the Duke to the Queen, "I am under no uncertainty in this matter; but as the Princess of Cleves has not the same reasons to lead her to guess who I am, as I have to direct me to know her, I should be glad if your Majesty would be pleased to let her know my name."

    The Princess of Cleves

  • Mother received a letter last night from Miss Stewart, she showed me the back of it this morning and asked me if I could guess who it was from.

    Diary, August 8, 1859-May 15, 1865.

  • 'Do you know that the gentleman who follows' ee -- you'll guess who I mean -- came to ask for 'ee at Flintcomb after you had gone?

    Tess of the d'Urbervilles

  • It was impossible to guess who it might beeven more so because the decontamination machine seemed to have put the head covering and face mask on backward, so where there should have been eyes and a chin there was just dark hair.

    George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt

  • My Lady Anne Wentworth I hear is marrying, but I cannot learn to whom; nor is it easy to guess who is worthy of her.

    The Love Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple, 1652-54

  • Well, guess who waltzed back into Millennia Marketing last week and landed his oh-so-fine tush in the office of Senior Vice President and Creative Director?

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