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  • v. Present participle of guestimate.


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  • By looking at the deer stand in the back ground and guestimating scale it looks to be a house cat.

    Could you please click on my profile and look at my picture titled "Baby Couger?"

  • Just guestimating, it seemed that perhaps 8 percent knew it was a false flag as soon as it happened, that very day.

    What Makes You Cry-- Besides the Obama Inauguration?

  • And there's the Congress and the President, publicly pointing across the stage at each other, accusing the other of too much or too little, guestimating costs, but really keying into who's going to pay for it.

    The Great American Medicine Show

  • WOLF: Okay, so with all the heavy rainfall that we had just over the past week, they are guestimating about 200,000 pints of water they're going to be able to gather.

    CNN Transcript Sep 26, 2009

  • When about ten blocks I am guestimating around my home — and the homes of thousands of other people — are declared NO PARKING zones, WTF do you think happens to all the folks who park there every day?

    Counterproductive Mayoral Ideas

  • I've only got another 5000 words or so left [I'm guestimating], so I can definitely see the end from here; but there's something about constructing a grand finale that always takes longer than you expect it to.

    May 31st, 2005

  • By the time it's all said and done, I'm guestimating 16 "-18" total for the storm.

    What I'm Reading...

  • LIN: All right, you're about I'm guestimating a little less than 100 miles north of where the outer wall of Hurricane Jeanne is just beginning to make landfall near Stuart.

    CNN Transcript Sep 25, 2004

  • "We go from guestimating to estimating," Mosby said.

    Reuters: Press Release

  • Wow, that's a wild guestimation, even according to my guestimating protocol!



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