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  • adj. Without a guild.


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guild +‎ -less


  • I went from making WoW a part time job in a guild (30+/- hrs/week) to now about to 5-10hours and guildless.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Ex-Blizzard Employee Divorces Husband Over WoW

  • Their third companion is Gormon, a guildless “changeling” whose barely-human appearance and lack of guild make him a virtual outcast in society.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • So, my mage is currently guildless - by choice, I might add.

    Guildless is obviously evil

  • There are also the guildless, like the mysterious third member of this unusual party.

    REVIEW: Nightwings by Robert Silverberg

  • Player cities can be seen to offer a "guild for the guildless", a loose affiliation with other players without the formalized bonds of guild membership.


  • But the Uber Guildies say 'We spent time getting this armor, we want to use it to CRUSH these guildless, godless curs!'

    We Need Community Managers

  • Gormon is a guildless changeling, a devil-may-care adventurer who is obviously smitten with Avluela.


  • I am actually currently guildless anyway -- and although I dig the Red vs.

    Virtually on Film

  • I have been guildless since August when Prelude disbanded with just two kills on Yogg-Saron, and dedicated to run random Heroic dungeons, and helping a close one level up her new character.

    World of war

  • Giving an ultimatum will almost assure that you will be guildless in the next few minutes.


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