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  • n. A long, white parasitic worm which can live in the human skin.


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  • As an article in the New England Journal of Medicine documents, pathogens that cause diarrheal diseases, tracoma, and guinea-worm are among the culprits.

    John Sauer: Stand Up for People that Can't Sit Down

  • This activity can be adapted for use when investigating other diseases such as intestinal worms, schistosomiasis, guinea-worm disease and dengue fever.

    Chapter 7

  • He is also quoted by Tertullian, and by Paulus Ægineta, who writes that Soranus was one of the first Greek physicians to describe the guinea-worm.

    Outlines of Greek and Roman Medicine

  • The guinea-worm of southwestern Asia and of Africa lives in the body of its host for nearly a year sometimes attaining a great length and migrating through the connective tissue to different parts of the body causing no particular inconvenience until it is ready to lay its eggs when it comes to the surface and then great suffering may result.

    Insects and Diseases A Popular Account of the Way in Which Insects may Spread or Cause some of our Common Diseases

  • In June 1676, when he was recovering from a guinea-worm, a creature which nests in one's ankle, and causes great torment, a storm, or

    On the Spanish Main Or, Some English forays on the Isthmus of Darien.

  • The people here suffer much from the guinea-worm, and consider it to arise from drinking the water of the old tank, which is now very dirty and full of weeds.

    Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official

  • The guinea-worm (_Filaria medinensis_) is a very troublesome parasite, which sometimes grows to a length of three feet.

    Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official

  • But I must forthwith stop writing about the Gold Coast, or I shall go on telling you stories and wasting your time, not to mention the danger of letting out those which would damage the nerves of the cultured of temperate climes, such as those relating to the youth who taught himself French from a six months 'method book; of the man who wore brass buttons; the moving story of three leeches and two gentlemen; the doctor up a creek; and the reason why you should not eat pork along here because all the natives have either got the guinea-worm, or kraw-kraw or ulcers; and then the pigs go and -- dear me! it was a near thing that time.

    Travels in West Africa

  • 7 March, 2010 - Debris of all sort, scattered around the Aiepoli causeway, about a kilometre from Gelephu towards Sarpang, has become an eyesore for travellers even as they start Mali is hoping to eradicate guinea-worm in the next two years, according to the World - Articles related to More deaths from unsafe water than from war: UN


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