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  • n. A sort of outdoor tavern that once existed in the in the suburbs of Paris


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  • (Soundbite of music) Unidentified Man: (Singing in French language) BEARDSLEY: The older patrons are hoping that Ferrer and others from the younger generation will continue coming to the banks of the Marne and keep the guinguette tradition alive.

    Parisians Celebrate Revival Of Guinguettes

  • Pierre Auguste Renoir captured the carefree revelry of an afternoon at a guinguette in his "Luncheon of the Boating Party."

    Parisians Celebrate Revival Of Guinguettes

  • ELEANOR BEARDSLEY: Its Sunday afternoon at a guinguette called Chez Gegene.

    Parisians Celebrate Revival Of Guinguettes

  • Mr. OCTAVE BLANCHARD: (Through translator) We love the guinguette tradition and we come often.

    Parisians Celebrate Revival Of Guinguettes

  • We dined that night al fresco at a guinguette, a wine shop just on the edge of the city, with stout Monsieur Panard and wiry Fagan, his collaborator, and with Monsieur Biancolelli, a few unmarried members of the company de la foire, and one or two other performers of the Theatre Italien.

    Theatre de la Foire

  • On great occasion, when they dined at a restaurat, as it is called, a sort of a country inn, a compromise between a provincial wineshop and a Parisian guinguette, they would spend as much as five francs, divided between David and the Chardons.

    Two Poets

  • Dr. Franklin and I have seen her in company with d'Artois and Coigny and the Duchesse de Polignac, than whom there is no more infamous woman in France, gambling and looking on at the wild dances and buffoonery of a guinguette, and, though her _incognita_ was respected, think you the people did not know the Queen?

    Calvert of Strathore

  • The riot of a Paris guinguette was heard where once the tent of

    Under Two Flags

  • He had danced with this girl-soldier the night before at a guinguette ball, seeing her for the first time, for it was almost the first time he had been in the city since the night when he had thrown the dice, and lost ten Napoleons and the Bedouins to Claude de

    Under Two Flags

  • Cette guinguette était un endroit louche et de mauvais renom, où les débauchés de Sarlande faisaient leurs parties fines.

    Le Petit Chose (part 1) Histoire d'un Enfant


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