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  • n. Plural form of guist.


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  • Hence his warning not to take “... the meta - phorical term ` organism 'literally, as was done by lin - guists like A. Schleicher” (1905).


  • Not the least of these developments in historical importance was the explicit emergence of the term “structure” in the sense in which it is now understood, which occurred in a programmatic docu - ment prepared for an international congress of lin - guists at the Hague in 1928, by Roman Jakobson, S. Karcewski, and Prince Nicolas Troubetzkoy.


  • Many lin - guists expressed their dissatisfaction with it, but few had anything to put in its stead.


  • Lin - guists 'use of this slogan may look like an influence from Darwin, and thus eventually from uniformitari - anism, but in fact this influence is superficial and the real source of the doctrine is to be found elsewhere, in psychology, as the following paragraphs will show.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas


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