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  • n. Plural form of gulag.


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  • Make sure all children are left behind in gulags that should be labelled “indoctrination camps”?

    Bush Slanders Freedom « Blog

  • When a government official stands on the floor of Congress and declares the war lost; or travels to Syria, a state-sponsor of terror, and meets with the leadership that is funneling insurgents into Iraq to kill Americans; or, publicly compares our military men and women to Nazis, Soviets in gulags, and Pol Pot; or refers to our Marines as “cold blooded killers” before an ongoing investigation is completed and charges filed, they have crossed the line and have taken their politics to the battlefield.


  • Civilized societies do not disappear people, they do not toss them down the memory hole, they do not stick them in gulags.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Federal Government Has the Power to Civilly Commit Sexually Violent Predators After Federal Incarceration

  • But if we look objectively at historical facts, we can see that in the leadership of the gulags were a lot of Jews.

    The Accidental Autocrat

  • Just so, I know people who are trapped in fealty to an idea, defending egregious excesses out of loyalty to a beautiful concept in the name of which they are committed: the gulags were a temporary aberration, the debacle in Iraq a slight excess of zeal in defense of democracy, and so on.


  • Nobody said that genocide was imminent, but we should be reminded that one reason there were so many people willing to staff Auschwitz and the gulags was the Hitler Youth and Young Pioneers.

    Say Anything

  • Inverted totalitarianism wields total power without resorting to cruder forms of control such as gulags, concentration camps or mass terror. Main RSS Feed

  • His take on the "inverted" totalitarianism (under which he sees us) is somewhat interesting, but I take issue with this statement: "Inverted totalitarianism wields total power without resorting to cruder forms of control such as gulags, concentration camps or mass terror."

    Anarchist news dot org - News for anarchists and their friends

  • Consequently, acts such as gulags and death camps were not and could not be committed in the name of atheism, but rather were committed in the name of fascism. - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • Such barbaric deeds are a violation of international and U.S. constitutional law and crimes against humanity on par with the U. S.-run concentration camps of Japanese American citizens during the Second World War and the "gulags" of Soviet Russia.

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