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  • n. Alternative spelling of goulash.


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From the German (spelling of the) name of the dish, Gulasch.


  • There were all sorts of things in the waggons -- food and corn, to which I allowed our men to help themselves, for our horses were short of oats and our men of rations, and some of the tinned meats, "gulasch" and "blutwurst," were quite excellent and savoury, much more so than our everlasting bully beef.

    The Doings of the Fifteenth Infantry Brigade August 1914 to March 1915

  • THAT and nothing elese is a gulasch. take it from a guy who lived in hungaria and used to cook there…and for heavens sake….no pasta or poatoes in there. a gulasch is served with dumplings. who wants to know how they are prepaired….email me at kelly

    goulash | smitten kitchen

  • Nor yet the Austrian cross-breeds who are to be beheld behind the _gulasch_ in the Rue d'Hauteville, nor the semi-Milanese who sibilate the _minestrone_ at Aldegani's in the Passage des Panoramas, nor the Frenchified Spaniards and Portuguese who gobble the _guisillo madrileño_ at Don José's in the Rue Helder, nor the half-French Cossacks amid the _potrokha_ in the Restaurant Cubat, nor the Orientals with the waxed moustachios and girlish waists who may be observed at moontide dawdling over their _café à la Turque_ at Madame

    Europe After 8:15


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