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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of gull.


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  • A report to that effect, cut out of a newspaper, was circulated amongst the prisoners, and their indignation was great at the way in which the public were "gulled" about themselves and prison treatment.

    Six Years in the Prisons of England

  • This must be what A.H. Keene referred to when he said, "The British public were also dumb, and with that infinite capacity for being gulled which is so remarkable in a people proud of their common sense, acquiesced in everything."

    Chapter VIII

  • I tried him in several ways, and found that he could be "gulled" more easily than any of the other messengers.

    The Expressman and the Detective

  • So ended the memorable 14th of August: it will be, doubtless, remembered by many with far from pleasant feelings; and some who have been "gulled" in England may thank Mr. Petersen that a carrier-pigeon freighted with a cock-and-bull story of blood, fire, wreck, and murder, was not despatched on that memorable day.

    Stray Leaves from an Arctic Journal; or, Eighteen Months in the Polar Regions, in Search of Sir John Franklin's Expedition, in the Years 1850-51

  • Then the satirical meaning hidden beneath Pere Fourchon's apparent guilelessness came back to him, and he owned himself "gulled" by the Burgundian beggar.

    Sons of the Soil

  • He gulled Speaker John Boehner in particular with promises of sincerity, only to demand $1 trillion in tax increases that House Republicans could never pass without violating their own campaign promises.

    The Spenders Won 2011

  • That argument sustained a fatal blow when the President of the NPR Foundation, Ron Schiller, was gulled into letting his hair down and was caught on tape speaking his mind to guerilla video activists posing as prospective donors.

    NPR Should Be Supported ... By Private Donors

  • Energy companies may somehow be gulled into going along with the scheme, given the relish with which big government and big business bed down together (see the Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act), but they will really be "volunteering" to help keep higher ed fat and happy on behalf of their customers, who won't be polled on the matter.

    Sean Paige: Hickenlooper "Volunteers" You to Pay Higher Utility Bills

  • The British tried bribing the Afghan tribes wholesale but inevitably got gulled by opposing warlords ganging up against them, to drive the going rate up.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Price of Soldiering

  • Boehner and McConnell were gulled into going behind closed doors with the President, who dragged out negotiations and later emerged to sandbag them with his blame-the-GOP and soak-the-rich re-election strategy.

    The GOP's Payroll Tax Fiasco


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