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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of gully.


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  • We were quite tired when we reached our destination, rode up a washed and "gullied" approach to a most miserable looking habitation, a little have cultivated enclosure on one side, a lot on the other in which stood a poor bay horse, while outside under a tree languished a miserable claybank, with his back all bloody, a decrepit paling enclosed a little yard before the door where

    Diary, August 8, 1859-May 15, 1865.

  • The road was badly washed and gullied and showed little sign of travel.


  • He was describing how excessive rains gullied out his fields this year, delayed planting and harvesting, and how getting the land back into proper shape will probably take a long time.

    Dear President Obama #259: Under the harvest moon

  • Mom steers the Bug down their long, gullied driveway, trying not to bottom-out at the end.

    Angels Carry the Sun excerpt: Chapter One, In the Woods

  • The second of these, vast and gullied, with its own pond, and criss-crossed with pathways lined with hundred-year-old lime trees, made the strongest impression on her, possibly because it was the closest to Pushkin Street where her parents lived when she was seven years old.

    'The Life of Irene Nemirovsky'

  • Just below the booming Yukon town, Clay climbs the scarred and gullied "slide" of Moosehide Mountain and, with his body chilling, his fingers frost-bitten, he slips and slides down in a small avalanche, then regains his balance and attains the summit.

    “. . .all his race rose up before him in a mighty phantasmagoria. . .”

  • Upon reemerging, the sun baked the mud into a cracked and gullied carapace as resistant to the plow as a layer of granite.


  • This involved first setting their car in the river for three days to swell its weather-beaten wooden spokes, lest the wheels shake themselves into matchsticks on the gullied road.


  • So the siege was laid, the French and ourselves sitting down on the muddy, rain-sodden gullied plateau before Sevastopol, the dismalest place on earth, with no proper quarters but a few poor huts and tents, and everything to be carted up from Balaclava on the coast eight miles away.

    The Sky Writer

  • The badlands, which are the largest in Canada, form a gullied and sculpted landscape of great beauty, constantly eroded by wind and rain, exposing new fossil bone beds.

    Dinosaur Provincial Park, Canada


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