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  • n. A hole in a ship's side for the muzzle of a cannon; a port-hole for a gun.


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  • Even the creak of the opening gun-port would be too loud.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • "There was one more method of getting from the ship," Andros continues, "and that was at night to steal down through a gun-port which we had managed to open unbeknown to the guard, and swim ashore."

    American Prisoners of the Revolution

  • "Here's a place to board!" the Delaware boy was saying, and pointed toward the forward gun-port which stood open just beyond and above the bow of the longboat.

    The Black Buccaneer

  • Within half an hour after the anchor was dropped the young prisoners heard the creak of the davit blocks, and a moment later the splash of a boat taking water close to the nearest gun-port.

    The Black Buccaneer

  • The side was cut for a gun-port, which opened and shut by means of laniards; and, pointing through the opened port was a model brass nine-pounder on its carriage, with all its roping correctly rigged, and its sponges and rammers hooked up above it ready for use.

    Jim Davis

  • In a while, my eyes growing strong, I got me to the main-deck, where again I must stay to shade my eyes by reason of the radiance that poured through an open gun-port.

    Black Bartlemy's Treasure

  • Most of them went up the side like cats, leaping for the chains and dead-eyes, slashing at the nettings, swinging by a rope's end, or digging their toes in a crack of a gun-port.

    Blackbeard: Buccaneer

  • He heard a few pistol shots and then was startled to see a spurt of flame dart from a gun-port of the sloop.

    Blackbeard: Buccaneer

  • He wore big round owlish spectacles, and his pale broad face and long nose, combined with a wild crop of light hair and a fierce beard, gave him the incongruous appearance of a sheep looking out of a gun-port.

    Vice Versa or A Lesson to Fathers

  • When the flash of the explosion and the yellow fumes of the bursting charge had cleared away, there became visible a black, ragged hole where the gun-port had been, and the gun itself, blown from its mountings, was pointing its muzzle upward to the sky, useless for the rest of the action.

    A Chinese Command A Story of Adventure in Eastern Seas


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