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  • n. Plural form of gunfighter.


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  • The 1960 movie, starring Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Eli Wallach, and James Colburn was about seven gunfighters who protect a Mexican town from bandits.

    Five Action Movies That Started Off As Foreign Films | myFiveBest

  • Instead of gunfighters at the end of the 1800s protecting a village from bandits, the original movie portrays seven samurai (surprised?) during the 1500s who protect a village from bandits.

    Five Action Movies That Started Off As Foreign Films | myFiveBest

  • Like an old western movie where the gunfighters face off.


  • Kid Curry was also considered the one of the quickest gunfighters in the west, so there is still confusion to this day if one was exceptionally fast or both of them, because they both at times were called the Kid.

    Five Famous Western Outlaws | myFiveBest

  • Why would you send home gunfighters and keep cooks?

    U.S. Seeks to Keep Afghan Troop Strength

  • For me playing Red Dead Redemption was to enter a mythical virtual-reality west, to step out of the auditorium and into Michael Crichton's 1973 sci-fi film Westworld, in which vacationers of the near future pretended to be 19th-century pioneers mingling in a fancy desert resort with android gunfighters (most notably Yul Brynner), outlaws and saloon girls.

    Will this game bring out the cowboy in us all?

  • After the war, they became wandering gunfighters, the Gunhawks, and continued searching for Rachel.

    Comic: Gunhawks

  • One of the old west gunfighters (I can't recall who) is quoted as saying words to the effect that you don't have to be fast or a great shot, you just have to keep your head and take deliberate aim and shoot 'em while they are missing you.

    Amateur Hour

  • The child who grew up listening to the tales of old gunfighters, lived to see his vision translated to silver screen, TV, and ultimately - as a grand old man - computer games.

    My Universe R Bookshelf

  • As best as I can remember none of the old gunfighters ever lived to be old except for Wyatt Earp.

    On Gun Sights and Eye Doctors


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