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  • n. A plucked, seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family, favoured by scholars and the literati in ancient times.
  • n. Guqin Tai 《古琴臺》 (Guqin Terrace or Heptachord Terrace, etc), the name of a place in Wuhan, China.


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From Mandarin 古琴 (gǔqín), made up of ‘ancient’ and ‘stringed instrument’.


  • Two military geniuses take a break from war games to duel in a rousing jam session on the guqin, a zither-like stringed instrument.

    Woo-Hoo! Hong Kong Auteur Sinks <i>Titanic</i> with <i>Red Cliffs</i>

  • “Sometimes it sounded like a pipa”—a four-string Chinese lute—“and sometimes it sounded like a guqin,” a seven-string zither that is considered the most classical Chinese instrument.

    American Chinatown

  • Go is one of the most ancient games, and is considered one of the four arts of the Chinese gentleman, along with calligraphy, painting, and playing the guqin.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • The seven-stringed guqin, a zither-like instrument which came to represent the refined tastes of China's imperial court, was auctioned on Sunday by Poly International Auction, the

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  • Recovered by a Beijing collector at the beginning of the 20th century, the imperial guqin was acquired in 1953 by Fan Boyan, a Shanghai musician, who hid the instrument, the paper said.

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  • The final purchase price was a record amount for the auction of an ancient guqin, it said.

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  • AFP/File - A music teacher outlines how to play the guqin in Beijing.

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  • In addition to hard-to-find recordings of traditional Chinese instrumental music for soloists or groups, played on guqin, zheng, erhu, flute, and pipa, you can find authentic Chinese-opera recordings performed by traditional-style musicians of high standing.

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  • Dean Evenson (flute, keyboards); Li Xiangting (flute, guqin); Dudley Evenson (handharp, tamboura); part 3 password: neosacred

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  • Stalwart of the New York new music scene Elliot Sharp arrived in Shanghai just a few hours before taking the stage for part three with award-winning guqin player Wu Na and Chinese opera percussionist Wang Li Chuan, both from Beijing.



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