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  • adj. gurgling, like a gurgle.


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  • "Oh yes, indeed," says she, kind of gurgly and aristocratic and as sweet as pie, "that's mine.


  • But he nearly screamed when she succumbed to that caress so at the very first of the courtship and mowed and gibbered and squealed little, queer, pig-like gurgly noises of delight.


  • You got stares and whistles and that gurgly sound they make.

    'The Pregnant Widow'

  • Everything about him irritated her: the beady eyes that tracked her every move, the hangnailed thumb he stuck into her sauces, the gurgly throat-clearing that followed his commands “More fire, less salt!” was his favorite anti-Georgia admonition.

    Georgia’s Kitchen

  • Their screams were pathetic things: quiet, weak, gurgly.

    Blood Lite II: Overbite

  • 'Woof,' said Timmy, and gulped his ice down in two big, gurgly licks.

    An Open Letter to Fans of South Plains Football

  • You can just hear the stream of shrieky, gurgly baby laughter coming out of that little mouth and the near-silent clap of tiny baby hands.

    Listening to silence | Her Bad Mother

  • It is amazing how quick they grow up. i remember when she was in a high-chair making gurgly noises…and now she argues with me and can hold her own brilliant stubborn sister i miss them everyday i am away from home…and for me, home is 1500 miles away.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Nicholas and the rising sun…

  • You know how I hate it when the little wire thing goes around their necks and they make that gurgly noise before their eyes role up to the back of their heads.

    It's not a shirtdress, but ... - A Dress A Day

  • This is due to the inherent repetitiveness of games: After you've fought your 200th "splicer" in BioShock , you're pretty accustomed to their gurgly ramblings, their patterns of attack, the boo-yah outta-nowhere teleportations.

    Gore Is Less: Videogames Make Better Horror Than Hollywood


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