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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of gust.


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  • That old enemy, the wind, rose and gusted to sixty miles an hour.

    Bird Cloud

  • Although the storm weakened as it neared the Aleutian islands yesterday, winds gusted to 77 mph in Dutch Harbor according to the National Weather Service.

    Huge Pacific storm to bring high surf to Hawaii

  • Winds gusted consistently over 30 mph after 8 a.m. that day and as high as 45 mph.

    Remembering 2010's Snoverkill

  • Numerous locations right along the coastline gusted near or past 70 mph.

    PM Update: Cold front to bring fresh chill

  • At the top of Mt Rainier, sustained winds of 112 mph gusted as high as 137 mph!

    PM Update: Cold front to bring fresh chill

  • Half way across the bridge the Chevette stalled out and she ran one wheel up onto the walkway, got out of the passenger door and leaned into the damp wind that gusted up off the water.


  • Winds have frequently gusted past 50 mph across the area so far today.

    Forecast: Hazardous winds raging across region

  • She struggled through snowdrifts up to her knees to get to the picket line, she held her sign high even when the winter winds gusted so strongly they threatened to carry it away—and threatened to carry her away.


  • Obviously the wind had gusted down the stairs when Noelle had opened the door.


  • Instead they crowded on deck playing funeral dirges, violas and cellos shrieking as if they were being unwound and dismantled, pan flutes wailing as if no wind but the winds of prairie fires gusted through them.

    Beneath the Light of an Exploding City


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