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  • Because of the link between zinc and the taste-related protein called gustin, impaired sense of taste and / or smell are common symptoms of zinc deficiency.

    The World's Healthiest Foods

  • - propylthiouracil (PROP) may be correlated with body mass index (BMI) and differences in the salivary proteins involved in taste function, such as the zinc-dependent enzyme gustin, which is a trophic factor of taste buds.

    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition current issue

  • It's blowin 'and gustin' but I've seen it do this before with not a drop to show for it.

    June 25th, 2001

  • The only French version of her life — a spiteful attack, according to Mrs. Brombert — is an obscure volume, published in 1926, by A. A.gustin-Thierry, a grandnephew of the famous historian, A.gustin Thierry, with whom Cristina had a long and intimate intellectual friendship.

    Risorgimento and Romantic Agony

  • "Now, don't y 'give the boy one of them dis-gustin', round, mush-bowl hair cuts!" he warned, addressing the small, dark man.

    The Rich Little Poor Boy

  • The play made no money in Washington, but A.gustin Daly decided to put it on in New York at the Fifth A.enue Theater, with a company which included, besides Parsloe, Edmund Collier, P.A. A.derson, Dora

    Mark Twain, a Biography — Volume II, Part 1: 1886-1900

  • 'Yo're a geedy thing -- a geedy' gustin 'thing!' he cried, sobbing partly because he wanted the cake, still more because, after his exaltation on Hannah's knee, he had been so unaccountably neglected.

    The History of David Grieve

  • Our data showed a direct association between PROP sensitivity and a polymorphism in the gustin gene that is hypothesized to affect its function.

    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition current issue

  • Molecular analyses of gustin DNA showed that allele A and genotype AA were significantly more frequent in supertasters, whereas allele

    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition current issue

  • Objective: We investigated the possible association of PROP taste responsiveness with gustin gene polymorphism rs2274333

    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition current issue


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