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  • n. Alternative spelling of gutter ball.


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  • "gutterball" with the appearance, pointing out that the Special Olympics remark could detract from his points about the economy.


  • Just because ones thinking is not right down the center of the alley doesn't make it a gutterball.

    What Makes You Cry-- Besides the Obama Inauguration?

  • Especially in a year when the mood is to throw out the old gutterball style of politics.

    Delegate Counts Suggest Hillary Needs Big Win To Impact Delegate Math

  • That turned into two pair on the flop, and the gutterball straight never materialized for Mallor (8th place, $67,429).

    Poker News

  • Whether it's a strike, a spare or gutterball a perfect game or only a few pins knocked down everyone wins in this game of bowling.

    WBKO - HomePage - Headlines

  • Queen of spades on the turn opened up the gutterball straight draw for viksha that would hit on the 9s river sending $10,557.50 to LunchTime645 in eighth place as viksha claimed the 2.3 million chip pot. cobusie and homner would trade back-to-back all-in pots while remaining alive on the short end of the chip board.

    PokerStars Poker Blog

  • Angry council members tried to salvage it, but threw a gutterball when they tried to rebid.

    KAKE - HomePage - Headlines

  • | Reply | Permalink that probably played a role but don't underestimate the dog whistle and it's intended effect. remember who's actually doing this for the campaign and think about the sudden shift to gutterball as soon as a rovian disciple joined. it's not a coincidence. that's precisely how they keep getting away with this type of shit, people think 'oh, they couldn't have meant THAT!' yes, they did.

    Obama Campaign: McCain Is Riding The "Low Road Express"

  • Hayden threw gutterball after gutterball, lamenting that he’ll only ever throw gutterballs & he played in the arcade between his turns. (where he, of course, won a cute teddy bear from the claw machine and had a funny run-in with a “drunk-guy” at the driving games – an adventure in itself!)

    Saturday Nite’s Alright for… Bowling « Bodhicitta


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