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  • n. A foul-mouthed person


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  • When I disagree, I do not name call, I do not use filthy language, why is it necessary when you disagree with me, you call me names, and use filthy guttermouth talk.

    Think Progress » Rice Falsely Claims Bush’s Pre-9/11 Anti-Terror Efforts Were ‘At Least As Aggressive’ As Clinton’s

  • But when you look in the mirror tomorrow, remember this: you are just a cheapskate who doesn't respect people or value their work. i'm totally with u. nevermind the h8rs (under the guise of constructive criticism) and the hear-no-evil squad. we're all adults here; if someone doesn't like ur guttermouth style, that someone (s) should click away. i'm over waiting on big business 'and corporate bs holding everything i do / want to do up. and i'm sick of being "professional" about it. looking forward to watching the foundry dinosaurs go extinct, still clutching their "property" in their cold, dead hands. this is web. its purpose is to share.

    paul robinson


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