guv. This version is especially likely to be applied to the owner of a business or the landlord of a public house.' name='description'> guv'nor - definition and meaning


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  • noun UK An informal form of address; see guv. This version is especially likely to be applied to the owner of a business or the landlord of a public house.


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  • The inspector, too, brings his own back story to the party: Still in mourning for his recently killed wife "more than anything on earth he wanted her back", Lynley is conducting a bureaucratically illicit affair with his female "guv'nor" at the Yard, a dalliance haunted by the memory of his late, beloved Helen.

    In Brief: Mysteries

  • As expected, the Kat & Alfie Show has taken over? with Shane Richie building every line of dialogue into two minutes of sweaty "Cor blimey guv'nor" patter and Jessie Wallace looking like Ting Tong from Little Britain and cackling at the end of every sentence.

    Jim Shelley's World of lather

  • "` Play-actor ', the guv'nor called you, didn't he?" says he.


  • He kept turning and crying out to Carmichael-Smith - it reminded me somehow of how my old guv'nor had wept and pleaded when I saw him off for the last time to the blue-devil factory in the country where he died bawling with delirium tremens.


  • "Well, don't go propoundin 'your bizarre religious beliefs in Lynchbany, guv'nor, or even with me t' defend you you won't last out the day."

    A Corridor in the Asylum

  • Didn't I tell you the guv'nor warned me to beware when you started showin 'the white feather?


  • Oh, he was polite enough: he called the mugging a "bank bailout," and promised that, sure, tomorrow he'd change my ways, so this will never happen again, guv'nor.

    Johann Hari: The Banks Have Not Been Reregulated by Our Corrupt Politicians. So Get Ready for the Next Crash

  • "Ahhh, I can't believe it, guv'nor," Mudge said with a disdainful sniff.

    A Corridor in the Asylum

  •   "You lookin 'sharp, guv'nor — nothing like charcoal grey," he says.

    Apache Dance With a Fellow Commuter

  • "'Ere now, guv'nor," said a voice that was not his own, not Shelly's, but was nonetheless familiar.

    A Corridor in the Asylum


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