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  • n. A rope used to steady a spar, purchase, etc.; a guy.


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  • You must forgive my ignorance, I said, stepping carefully over a guy-rope, but this camp of yourswhat exactly goes on?

    Black Butterfly

  • Dick had been as lively as any one in making tracks, for he had a horror of snakes, and as he burst from the tent his foot caught in a guy-rope and down he went with the big wachtmeister sprawling on top of him.

    A Rip Van Winkle Of The Kalahari Seven Tales of South-West Africa

  • Strong quickly pitching over the side, after it, the bunchy folds of the net; when the guy-rope fastened to the bridle of the beam was secured to the bowsprit-bitts and then again to a thole-pin aft, so as to prevent its getting under the keel.

    Bob Strong's Holidays Adrift in the Channel

  • It seemed to me that something struck against the guy-rope that held our tarpaulin taut, but

    Letters of a Woman Homesteader

  • Pablo, standing below with me, that we might steady the ass with a guy-rope during his ascent, addressed to him all manner of tender and comforting words; but for once the Wise One seemed to be insensible to his master's voice.

    The Aztec Treasure-House

  • As a lad in a small, Middle-Western town, I have known the rapture of holding to a balloon guy-rope at a county fair, until

    High Adventure A Narrative of Air Fighting in France

  • But I had hardly uttered the words when, with a sudden cunning twist, he broke my hold, and, my foot catching in a guy-rope, I tripped, and fell heavily, and ere I could rise he had made good his escape.

    The Broad Highway

  • As soon as the tent is pitched each man arranges his equipment and the contents of his pack in the tent and stands at attention in front of his own half on line with the front guy-rope pin.

    Manual of Military Training Second, Revised Edition

  • "The guy-rope they had on the gangplank might have held it up."

    The Intriguers

  • The stove had been the first thing to be unpacked, and by the time the last guy-rope was made fast, the last roll of bedding opened and arranged in its place, the welcome call to supper was sounded, and they gathered about the long table, spread in the open air, in the golden sunset light.

    In Blue Creek Cañon


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