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  • adj. Fitted with or attached to a guy.
  • adj. Fitted to serve as a guy.


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guy (“a wire or stay”) +‎ -ed


  • This was correct and the boys noticed afterwards that the servants regarded them with odd expressions of amusement and it was evident to the sensitive Jo that they were being "guyed" by them, to use a modern expression.

    Frontier Boys on the Coast or in the Pirate's Power

  • Chalmers, Johnson, and even Applerod wrestled with him in spirit; his friends at the Idlers 'Club "guyed" him unmercifully, and even Biff Bates, though his support was earnestly sought by the

    The Making of Bobby Burnit Being a Record of the Adventures of a Live American Young Man

  • After the crowd had laughed at him and the small boys had "guyed" him till he was ready to quit, I stepped up briskly and said:

    Twenty Years of Hus'ling

  • The dusky hunters "guyed" the palefaces who could not do as well as they with their primitive weapons, even though the fire spouted from the iron tubes and the balls that could not be seen by the eye carried death farther than did the missiles launched by the natives.

    Deerfoot in The Mountains

  • Fred Greenwood would have laughed at Jack and "guyed" him over his blunder, but the incident was too dreadful and the terror of his friend too intense for Fred to wish to amuse himself at his expense.

    Two Boys in Wyoming A Tale of Adventure (Northwest Series, No. 3)

  • That ride into the blue did not encourage the cavalry to the belief that they would be of real value in a warfare of trench lines and barbed wire, but for a long time later they were kept moving backward and forward between the edge of the battlefields and the back areas, to the great incumbrance of the roads, until they were "guyed" by the infantry, and irritable, so their officers told me, to the verge of mutiny.

    Now It Can Be Told

  • His long-practised 'knavish tricks' and the malicious delight he took in trying to destroy or disfigure the sylvan beauty of the landscape by his brutish ignorance of the art of forestry, combined with his own personal greed, were beginning to be well - known in St. Rest, and it is very certain that on May-morning when the youngsters of the village were abroad and, to a great extent, had it all their own way, (aided and abetted in that way by the recognised authority of the place, the minister himself,) he would never have dared to show his hard face and stiffly upright figure anywhere, lest he should be unmercifully 'guyed' without a chance of rescue or appeal.

    God's Good Man

  • In the center of the field was a stout steel pole, at least twenty feet in height and guyed very low.


  • In half a day I got the two topmasts aboard and the shears rigged and guyed as before.

    Chapter 36

  • From a corner of their camper a clothesline stretched to a pole, guyed out and staked as well.



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