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  • n. a male friend.


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  • But, after a moment, and with a helpful glance from her best gay guyfriend, she complies with her usual can-do attitude.

    Meghan Cleary: In Celebration Of The Stiletto

  • My guyfriend insists that I should not attempt to vacation there, due to an alleged “anti-American” sentiment in the region.


  • My guyfriend says this is particularly Parisian behavior…I wonder if this is true?


  • Btw, my guyfriend and I were chatting this weekend and he said when Belgians (wow, I've never had to write that word before), are in French movies or sitcoms, they are almost always the butt of the jokes, or at least depicted as unintelligent, "stupid", clown-like...worthy of being laughed at (not laughed with).

    Le Chou de Bruxelles

  • Is he lying or is my guyfriend and the girl?? everythings in the details plz help me!!!!!!!!!?

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • Are you ever allowed to "poke" your guyfriend on Facebook?

    E! Online (US) - Top Stories

  • This realy isn't about a guyfriend. but a friend friend.

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  • BUT i saw him talking to my best guyfriend and they kept looking over at me and smiling. well now, ive been home sick for a week so i havnt seen him. but hes been on msn alot and hes never talked to me!

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  • … one more question for those who have or havent seen my last post: my alcoholic guyfriend gave me his hospital bracelet (with a rose) on our first date (the night b4 he drank too much … passed out). has helped in 1 other user's post.

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  • a: well i'd be Lindsatron (guyfriend calls me that already lol). - Because visibility matters


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