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  • n. Fear of or contempt for women.
  • n. Behavior based on such an attitude or feeling.

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  • n. Fear or hatred of women.

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  • n. a morbid fear of women


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gyno- + -phobia


  • The majority of these southern saints are distinguished from the vulgar herd by idiosyncrasies to which modern physicians give singular names such as "gynophobia," "glossolalia" and

    Old Calabria

  • The student promptly reported my friend to the University authorities for (I would imagine) 'gynophobia'.

    Harry's Place

  • From the health historian Louise Foxcroft, describing maternal-request caesareans as "absurd vanity" and an example of society's "ever-present gynophobia", to Jenni Murray in the Daily Mail, lamenting this extension of maternal choice as a "victory" for the vanity of the "too posh to push brigade", the columnar consensus has been resoundingly of the view that nature knows best.

    Please, render unto caesareans a little less hysteria | Catherine Bennett

  • The opportunity to link in with the global economy and join the world community in commerce and the exchange of ideas and ideals has been repudiated for the dogmatic "certainty" of a perverse, atavistic gynophobia, where the "enemy within" is as handy as mother, sister, daughter, wife.

    Afghanistan's McGenerals

  • Feminist historians describe the traditional male attitude as misogyny, but I'd call it gynophobia.

    Cynthia Kling: Interview with Susan Squire, author of I Don't: A Contrarian History of Marriage

  • Bordo's social-psychological notion of maleness while rich and explicit, provides a large target for critics because it is based on a controversial historical thesis (that the 17th century showed a marked increase in gynophobia) and a disputed psychological theory of the family (Object Relations Theory).

    Feminist History of Philosophy

  • I wound up deducing that Sherlock Holmes may be the world's most famous autistic. rounds up a number of critics 'obeservations on the gynophobia pageant. some interesting data that suggests, contrary to what I'd have guessed, that lots of women watch the superbowl.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • Indeed, the blatant, unapologetic, flinching gynophobia made me wonder if he's gay, which it turns out he is, but that doesn't make it okay for him to discuss female fluids as physically disgusting.

    Scientific American

  • Now that there has been a resurgence of violent gynophobia around the world and feminism has swung away from the Butlers and Dworkinses, I've changed my mind.


  • Not only this the reason behind gynophobia is finally explained with a sad past (as expected) attached. Antenna


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