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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of gyre.


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  • But not before he gyred and gimbled for a while in the wake of Sam Clemens.

    Mark Twain

  • He felt fuddled and wayless, and the track gyred higher and higher.

    Cold Mountain

  • It gyred through the winds that helped to propel the Dunawake, and its essence was everywhere in the shattered lands of the Queppa.

    Carnivores of Light and Darkness

  • The craft gyred about, reduced forward momentum, maneuvered downward.

    The Stars Are Also Fire

  • For just an instant an unfamiliar powerful emotion gyred, filling her up to the bursting point, and, her neck arched, her face turned heavenward, she allowed herself to yearn for surcease.

    The Miko

  • A sense of intense excitement-of ecstasy, almost-gyred within her, fueling her for what was about to happen.

    The Miko

  • She was out at a distance on the ebb-sands, hurtled, gyred, beaten to all shapes, in rolls, twists, volumes, like a blown banner-flag, by the pressing wind.

    Diana of the Crossways — Volume 3

  • He’d skittered between trailers of wildly gesticulating hands, gyred on updrafts of laughter, danced in flames of lighters held up to joints, and landed on the nose of a snow-leopard that was lounging in the shadows of a corner of vision.

    PodCastle » 2010 » June

  • Sulu threw Enterprise past Mascrar in Bloodwing’s wake, and the view on the main screen gyred and pinwheeled wildly as Sulu rolled the ship hard on her longitudinal axis, and then up and over in a variant of the ancient Immelmann.

    Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages


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