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  • v. Present participle of gyre.


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  • Hundreds of seagulls climbing one narrow beam, gyring, diving, climbing again, feeding on the insects also drawn to the light.

    The Whale Warriors

  • Thirty feet up he tilted it forward and accelerated, and then he was circling the ship like a wild hawk, twice, gyring upward, waving, and he broke away off to the southeast and out of sight.

    The Whale Warriors

  • I'm not sure what happened this morning -- probably something to do with some strange machinations on the web and a confluence of nasty weather and migrating servers, not to mention the slithy toves gyring and gimbelling in the wabe -- but I was unable to post anything this morning, so that's why you see this instead of the usual Friday Blogaround, which I hope to get to during lunch.

    April 2005

  • There has been no gyring and gimbling from DaveScot.

    The Best of UDreamOfJanie So Far « UDreamOfJanie

  • The forces drew much of the plasma into an accretion disk, a maelstrom gyring about the black hole, to plunge at last down the throat of the vortex.


  • There was a stirring in the room, a black, hot gyring in front of his face, and he could see in his mind a black blade, as slender and wicked-looking as a scalpel.

    Black Blade

  • She saw no anima there, only the gyring of emotions, dead weight like a corpse at the gibbet.

    The Miko

  • A gale arose, gyring and shrieking through the skeletal bridge, so that Celeste stumbled back and was thrown to her knees.

    The Kaisho

  • Climate chaos is a thread, just as ocean acidification, and overfishing, and resource depletion, and pharma-laced water supplies, and dead zones, and the toxic plastic gumbo twice the size of Texas gyring in the Pacific.

    O'Reilly News

  • When all time ended, and the world had lost its memory, and the man that he was had receded from view like a ship sailing away, rounding the blade of earth with his old life locked in its hold; and when the gyring stars gazed down upon nothing, and the moon in its arc no longer remembered his name, and all that remained was the great sea of hunger on which he floated forever - stil, inside him, in the deepest place was this: one year.

    Archive 2010-04-01


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