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  • n. Alternative form of hacker.


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  • I used the software to hide the word "h4x0r" inside of the file.

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  • BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Bob Howard is a h4x0r who stumbles upon secrets man was not meant to know.

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  • Games like Quake and Counter Strike have a huge number of loser boys who have nothing else better to do than to display their uber l33t h4x0r skillz be hacking the game.

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  • The Chinese Hackers Guild are going to take over some day, and probably nobody collecting a check from the US will even be capable of noticing that they got PWNED, much less will they be enough of a m4d ski112 h4x0r who can do anything about it other than reinstall "Windows" and check the MS website to see if there are any updates to deal with it.

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  • Their fashions run the gamut from h4x0r/retro hybrids like an


  • Their fashions run the gamut from h4x0r / retro hybrids like an


  • That can include random shares Bob in Marketing created to show off his leet PowerPoint skills, or that Steve in AppDev created to show off his 1337 code h4x0r skills.

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  • Major disadvantages of tor, with all its benefits like security (however, tor manufacturers advice not to rely on its strong anonymity, because there are some cases, when it is possible to track young h4x0r ...) are:

  • They believe using Linux makes them some kind of "l33t h4x0r," to which end they sit at the coffee shop glaring just over the tops of their laptop screens, and pointing and making "pew pew" noises at other people's computers.

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