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  • Taylor translates it by "boor." [am ha'aretz], literally "people of the land," "country people," is applied to an individual who may possess good manners, and may be literate, but who has no religious knowledge, nor training, nor does not observe religious customs.

    Pirke Avot Sayings of the Jewish Fathers

  • In fact, twice in the Passover seder matzah is specifically referred to as bread: Once in Aramaic (Ha lachma anya - "This is the bread of affliction") and once in Hebrew (Hamotzi lechem min ha'aretz - "God brought forth bread from the earth.")

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  • Zionist Conspirator (Vatiftach ha'aretz 'et-piyha vativla `' otam ve'et-bateyhem; ve'et kol-ha'adam 'asher leQorach ...)

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  • The hatred of an am ha'aretz towards a talmid chochom is far greater than the hatred of Esav to Yaakov, so if Zionist images are ok, for sure Nazi images are ok.

    Life in Israel

  • "In the beginning, God created" et hashamaim "a sign, (aleph tav, read as et or ot) the sky, and then" et ha'aretz "another sign, the Earth."

    Israelated - English Israel blogs

  • This is done as part of the Dutch-Palestinian collaborative project www. and to be sure it seems that much of what hazem says is catching on as an op ed in ha'aretz by meron benvenisti pointed out today:

    Palestine Blogs aggregator

  • Settling the land is another mitzva, yishuv ha'aretz.

    Aish Weekly Articles

  • Keep up the good work, Bimkom! ...... and dissent, too!! bimkon, the occasional ha'aretz article, gideon levy, etc. all encouraging signs.

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  • Despite its relatively low circulation, it is more influential than Israel's other major daily newspapers. gideon levy, the author of this article, is an israeli jew living in jerusalem. he is a journalist and editor for ha'aretz, israel's oldest and most respected newspaper based in jerusalem. you have just called both this israeli jew and the jerusalem-based israeli newspaper he works for "jew-hating scum" and the kind of "" people "[who] would make goebbels proud." you, of course, for self-explanatory reasons, won't realize how unhinged that makes you appear. but both levy and ha'aretz will. here is their email address:

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  • : indeed what to do next? well it is quite the no brainer that the war criminals responsible for this latest savagery from the zionist entity should be tried for war crimes. in an article in ha'aretz the context of goldstone's report-and his own frame of reference in relation to his judicial philosophy comes from war crimes tribunals from world war ii:

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