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  • n. Plural form of ha’penny.


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  • The last two ha'pennies had gone to buy the bread.


  • "Twenty-six or - seven -- you're over twenty-five right now, I'll bet you on it, shillings to ha'pennies, and you'll make thirty when you get your full weight," Dag Daughtry told him.


  • The core of the collection is the hoard of copper British pennies and ha'pennies I accumulated during the family's trip to Scotland in 1970 when I was eleven.


  • And all because I'd squeezed Fanny Duberly's tits at Roundway Down and played vingtet-un for ha'pennies with the likes of D'Israeli.


  • Parry came down Hecla's side in this huge cloak that he didn't throw off even when all the men were assembled — most in costume, we had this huge trunk of costumes on each ship — and when he did throw down the cloak, we saw Parry as that old Marine — you remember the one with the peg leg what played the fiddle for ha'pennies near Chatham?

    The Terror

  • I even remember counting farthings, four to a penny, as well as ha'pennies and half crowns.

    Broken Music, A Memoir

  • Its going to suck because I don't have two ha'pennies to rub together to buy presents with for anyone.

    catpewk Diary Entry

  • When she'd finished collecting ha'pennies, she had exactly fourpence.

    The Gates Of Sleep

  • In her hand lay what were supposed to have been four ha'pennies that she had just poured out of the vase.

    The Gates Of Sleep

  • Well, she'd thought they were ha'pennies last night when she'd put them in the vase.

    The Gates Of Sleep


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