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  • I figured I had had enough Rulon Barber in one night to last a lifetime.

    Miss Misery

  • As she closed the letter, a severe pain overcame her and a gush of amniotic fluid ran down her leg. Dr. Vernon Noble, who had had to be called in, said, “Well, I cannot save the child, but we will try to save the mother.”

    First Man

  • With its iron-grille fence and acres of green lawn, the big white mansion had had a mystical, almost religious aura for me since I was a child.

    An American Life

  • “And I said that if that was the case, you could feel free to miss all your gigs, as I had had just enough of skinny, self-obsessed rock-critic lameos to last a lifetime!”

    Miss Misery

  • I had had many feverish flus prior to the one in 2000 that led to small-fiber sensory neuropathy.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • Casey said the criminal justice system left "families trembling in its wake" with many of the stories she heard just "jaw droppingly awful" and the survey demonstrated that families that had had no involvement with the police and courts actually coped better with their bereavement.

    Murder victims' families treated awfully in court warns Louise Casey

  • Our huge military stations there, Clark Air Force Base and the Subic Bay naval base, were among our largest in the world and the anchor of our defense in the western Pacific; and we had had no stronger ally anywhere than Marcos.

    An American Life

  • Bitterly, she thought of her first Sasha, who had had the nerve to doubt her character.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • During the war Scharnhorst the future reorganizer of the Prussian army had had his first opportunity to distinguish himself at the battle of Eylau, 7-8

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Still, we were able to move on once the Tower Board had removed the cloud from over the White House and agreed, as did the congressional investigating committees, with what I had been saying from the beginning: that I had had no knowledge of any diversion of monies to the Contras.

    An American Life


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  • Sad :-(

    June 27, 2008

  • Ok. I had had it with had had, but my cad dad, Haddad, had had "had had" bad, lad.

    June 27, 2008

  • Had Hadley had "had had", she would have had the teacher's approval.

    June 26, 2008

  • John, where Celia had had "had", had had "had had". "Had had" had had the teacher's approval.

    June 26, 2008

  • I love it when people say this in a sentence: "she had had enough of his tomfoolery"

    June 26, 2008