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  • n. Plural form of hadji.


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  • Racism and general disrespect: The Iraqis were "hadjis" -- the equivalent, of course, of gooks or untermenschen.

    Robert Koehler: Where War Meets Peace

  • Two of them having discovered that a tongkong owned and manned by Chinese was about to leave Penang for Laroot with some valuable cargo and $2,000 of specie on board, disguised themselves as "hadjis," or Mohammedan pilgrims, and engaged a passage in her.

    Prisoners Their Own Warders A Record of the Convict Prison at Singapore in the Straits Settlements Established 1825

  • White hadjis, brown hadjis, fundies all do the same thing.

    Tom McIntyre Explains His Picks for our 2009 Hunting and Fishing Heroes and Villians Face-Off

  • At the base of the hill, the guys shed everything, stripping down, hadjis too, to pants and shirts.

    Dead Zero

  • More likely these hadjis were on some mission and they saw targets.

    Dead Zero

  • Get up close, shoot him about a thousand times, and get the hadjis to get you out of there.

    Dead Zero

  • Lots of marine presence and I want the troops on the alert in case Ray needs help fast or needs a place to go to with a pack of hadjis on his ass.

    Dead Zero

  • They were all in prone, they were in a good tactical array, when they moved, they moved professionally, not like hadjis going to a book burning.

    Dead Zero

  • Racism and general disrespect: The Iraqis were “hadjis” — the equivalent, of course, of gooks or untermenschen.

    Where War Meets Peace

  • The Los Angeles Times, for instance, in its May 4 story about the investigation of the Nisoor Square massacre, doesn't trouble us with references to other Blackwater shooting sprees; much less the larger context of invasion, mission accomplished, and five years of occupation in which more than a million Iraqis have died; much less the ample testimony of returning vets that "the hadjis" of occupied Iraq are routinely belittled, mistreated and dehumanized.

    Robert Koehler: Apology Denied


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