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  • n. Plural form of hadrosaurid.


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  • Although an apparent explosion of dinosaur diversity occurred in the mid-Cretaceous, coinciding with the emergence of new groups e.g. neoceratopsians, ankylosaurid ankylosaurs, hadrosaurids and pachycephalosaurs, results from the first quantitative study of diversification applied to a new supertree of dinosaurs show that this apparent burst in dinosaurian diversity in the last 18 Myr of the Cretaceous is a sampling artefact.

    Neoceratopsian publications for 2008

  • Dinosaur eggshell fragments, belonging to hadrosaurids and non-avian theropods, indicate that at least several latest Cretaceous dinosaur taxa could reproduce in polar region and were probably year-round residents of high latitudes.

    Neoceratopsian publications for 2008

  • Nodosaurid ankylosaurs and hadrosaurids show significant positive associations with marine sediments, while marginocephalians (Ceratopsia, Pachycephalosauria), saurischians (herbivorous theropods, Sauropoda) and ankylosaurid ankylosaurs are significantly positively associated with terrestrial sediments.

    Neoceratopsian publications for 2008

  • For example, many hadrosaurids previously reported to represent relatively small lambeosaurine species were demonstrated to be juveniles of the larger taxa.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Discussion of character analysis of the appendicular anatomy in Campanian and Maastrichtian North American hadrosaurids - variation and ontogeny.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science


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