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  • n. A cavity, between the organs of arthropods and mollusks, through which the blood etc. circulates


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  • Fungal spores stick to the surface of the insect, germinate, and send out hyphae which penetrate the cuticle and invade the haemocoel.

    Chapter 8

  • Pathogenic spores germinate in the gut and the multiplying vegetative bacterial rods invade the haemocoel producing toxaemia and septicaemia.

    Chapter 8

  • Nevertheless, the observable freezing of the gut was not a common event, suggesting that there is no consistent barrier to ice propagation between the haemocoel and gut in these larvae.

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  • Freezing was readily observed in all larvae, and on one occasion the gut was seen to freeze separately from the haemocoel.

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  • Figure 6), freezing of a non-diapausing C. amoena appeared to occur separately in the gut and the haemocoel, but this was the only occasion on which we were able to discern any distinct compartmentalised freezing that might indicate differential freezing in soft tissues.

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